Hot Pavement Burns Muskogee Kittens

  • Two kittens suffered burns on the Fourth of July.
  • They, and their mother, were spooked by fireworks. The mother cat dropped them onto the driveway.
  • The hot pavement burned them.

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – A Muskogee woman is nursing two kittens back to health after they suffered third-degree burns on the Fourth of July.

Danielle Pittman said children threw a firecracker in her driveway, spooking a cat and her newborn kittens. The mother cat ran off and tried to take her kittens with her, but dropped two on the driveway. The hot pavement burned the kittens.

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One kitten is burned on her tail, hind leg, front leg and mouth. Part of her bottom lip burned off so she needs to be bottle-fed. The other cat was burned on his stomach.

Pittman has taken the kittens to the animal shelter and a vet for help. She’s been treating the cats for burns and keeping them alive however she can.

A fund is set up under her name at Animal Medical Center on Peak Boulevard in Muskogee for anyone who wishes to donate to help pay for the kittens’ recovery. She also hopes to find people to adopt the kittens once they’re old enough.

Pittman hopes this can be a lesson to people using fireworks or who let their children use them unsupervised. She also hopes to use this as a reminder for people to spay and neuter their animals, as the mother cat was feral before coming to Pittman’s home.

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