St. Louis earns travel capital from the ‘Washington Post’

None other than the Washington Post lifestyles section is chanting the charm of our fair burg.

With quirky food creations, sprawling green parks, a City Museum unlike any other — and, of course, that Arch — the Gateway City is a fun place to play,” is how the travel tome begins.

Published online Wednesday, the story goes on to tout the attraction of Grant’s Farm, The Hill, gooey-butter cake, toasted raviolis (of course), Anheuser-Busch, Schalfly’s and Forest Park’s zoo and museums.

The piece was written by STL-born Kate Silver, who notes that although she moved away at a young age, she frequently returned to visit relatives.

Silver perfectly sums up her “home away from home” when she credits it with possessing a “work-hard, play-hard attitude.”

She even had the decency to not mention provel cheese.

This article originally appeared here via Google News