Rochester Dream Factory granting wishes to area kids

Rochester, N.Y(WROC_TV) – For high school senior Michael Sepulveda, his dream of going on a shopping spree came true Wednesday.

He received a computer, a keyboard and got the chance to shop for clothes, but it wasn’t your typical trip to the mall.

He had his wish granted by the Dream Factory of Rochester, a group that gives kids who are chronically and critically ill a day away from hospitals, doctors appointments and therapy.

“It kind of feels like a clearing in the storm if that makes sense. Over the last couple of years of my life, its been a tornado of issues; one after another,” Michael said.

Michael has Hirschprung’s disease, a birth defect that affects nerve cells in the large intestine.

He’s had eight surgeries so far and challenging recoveries, but he dreams of being a nurse one day, something the Dream Factory is helping him with.

“I always have this catch phrase that I use: if I’m in the hospital, I might as well get paid since I’m already there.”

He picked a shopping spree, but many other kids who get their wish granted pick trips, like seven-year-old Annabelle Kresge and her family.

“We went to Disney for three days, then we had two days at Universal and a day at SeaWorld,” Mom Mandy Kresge said.

Annabelle has a type of cerebral palsy, and mom Mandy said the trip was a dream come true.

“There’s no doctors appointments or therapies. It’s a week of fun.”

To learn more about the Dream Factory of Rochester, click  here.

This article originally appeared here via Google News