Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s Exact Workout Routine Revealed

E!: What about diet? What do you eat and what do you recommend for Kourtney and Kim?

AL: They both have chefs so they eat very healthy, they have chefs who specifically eat very healthy, you know like high protein, low calorie diet, so I try to keep them on track in terms of just a healthy…like I said they’re both extremely healthy so in terms of diet I don’t advise them that much on diet. The only thing is I try to pride…Kourtney is really really good about sticking with eating healthy all the time and Kim will like go to a shoot and she’ll have like pizza on the set and I’ll be like, ‘What are you doing? You can’t do that.’ So I try to keep her on track, you know she travels more and it’s harder to stay on track when your schedules a little bit more intense, but in terms of diet, they have chefs who plan that all out for them so I don’t focus as much on that. 

E!: But you recommend high protein, low calorie? 

AL: I recommend a high protein, high fiber diet, I’m not gonna say low calorie because I don’t really believe in counting calories I just believe in being healthy. I try to have a little bit of protein with every meal and nothing white. No white bread, no white rice, no white carbs. Every time I eat a carb you know it’s a whole grain because that way you’re getting the benefit of the fiber. Another thing I tell them all the time is like if you do it every once in a while it’s fine but really try and limit sugar because sugar is really the worst, sugar is even worse than carb. There’s way to have healthy carbs and your body needs carbs but sugar is just the worst. It’s hard because it’s in like everything, it’s really hard to avoid it so I just like do as much as you can to try avoid sugar. 

E!: In terms of fiber, what are some things that you recommend that have a lot of fiber in them?

AL: I would say oatmeal is great. I have oatmeal like every morning. I would say any type of like whole wheat bread, unprocessed whole wheat bread or brown rice, vegetables, you know all those things they all have a lot of fiber.

E!: So you recommend the typical high protein, veggies and fiber at each meal.

AL: Exactly.

E!: Do you have any rules besides the no sugar? like no carbs at night or no alcohol? Do you give these rules to the girls?

AL: I would say definitely limiting alcohol, you know, because that just turns to sugar in your body so definitely limiting alcohol…um not really no carbs at night, I feel like just as long as it’s high fiber carbs you’re OK.

E!: What are some health fads you don’t believe in?

AL: Intermittent fasting I think that can work, you know that’s a fad that’s happening right now. I think it does have some validity to it if you are trying to speed up your metabolism and lose weight, but I would say probably something that I don’t believe in is the Atkins diet, I was never a fan of because it’s like no fiber, you know, so that I was never a fan of and then I would say like the waste training is pretty useless.

E!: What is your secret to getting abs? 

AL: I mean it goes back to the saying abs are made in the kitchen, so it really does have a lot to do with your diet and you know the low sugar, drinking a lot of water, staying hydrated eating a lot of fiber diet, those things really help with abs along with just staying active. If you have a job where you’re sitting all day you need to be staying active all the time like always take the stairs, certain little things just to be constantly moving really helps. And then definitely the plank exercises, any type of core, there’s so many plank variations that you can do you know there’s the side to side plank, there’s the military plank, there’s the jumping jacks plank…I like to incorporate many plank variations into our workouts and I think that that’s the best for toning and tightening the core but in terms of getting a flat stomach that’s all about diet.

E!: Obviously summer is around the corner, do either of the girls have any summer goals? 

AL: Pretty much maintaining because when you’re at the level that they’re at you have to look good year-round, you know, because there’s vacations in winter, we live in LA so it’s bikini season a lot of the year. So yeah it’s not really a summer thing, they want to look good year-round.

This article originally appeared here via Google News