Clarkson University Engineering & Management Student Will Travel to Poland on Immersion Trip Sponsored by General Electric and President of Poland

Brianna Malczweski

Clarkson University Engineering & Management major Brianna Malczewski ’19 is one of just 10 students who will soon be traveling to Poland as part of the Student Culture, Economic and Diplomacy Immersion trip.

The immersion trip, sponsored by General Electric and the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, will be a combination of political, economic and cultural exchange as well as sightseeing. The agenda includes meeting Polish President Duda, meetings with various government officials; tours of Polish factories, including GE Power; and sightseeing at several Polish cultural places.

Malczewski, a native of Buffalo, NY, is the first person in her family to attend college. She has previously attended the Emory Undergraduate Business School Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia; was chosen as an ambassador for Synergy Global Forum at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and started a business with the help of Clarkson’s Shipley Center.

“Clarkson’s E&M program was paralleled by none, but it was very evident to me that Clarkson would give me the challenge that I needed to grow to the extent that I could, and that it would provide many opportunities that were unattainable elsewhere,” Malczewski said. “Especially in this past year, I have seen that my hard work really is valued and rewarded at Clarkson, while bringing me tremendous opportunities outside of Clarkson.”

Malczewski is currently studying abroad in Konstanz, Germany and considers her experiences to be a dream come true.

“I am of Polish descent but I know very little about the Polish culture, so I am very excited to learn about where my family came from, what life is like in Poland, and hopefully about Polish traditions,” Malczewski said. “I believe that Poland will be different than any culture I have learned about so far, and I am looking forward to seeing how Polish businesses operate, how international businesses operate in Poland, and any sort of intercultural management techniques.”

Malczewski recently received the Dr. Amy K. Zander Engineering and Management Award for Outstanding Career Potential. This award is sponsored by two Clarkson Alumni, including Ariana Gilbert, Operations Management Leadership Program Associate at GE Power. Malczewski is on the Student Advisory Council for the School of Business and E&M, is a Peer Mentor at Clarkson, holds multiple part-time employment positions during her studies, and is actively involved in various clubs and organizations.

This article originally appeared here via Google News