Libra Monthly BusinessScope: June 2018



June 2018: It’s a déjà vu feeling when disruptions feel oh, so familiar. That’s because they are, and that doesn’t mean they’re negative. You’ve experienced it, said it, responded to it, and yes, done it right. On June 1, Venus trines Jupiter for that old, familiar feeling of making your own luck. (Okay, three wishes!)

On the fifth, Venus opposes retrograde Pluto for testing and finding out how well something works.

Venus heads to Leo and your sector of goals and objectives on June 13. Take the road leading to change (also shown by Venus squaring Uranus, planet of unexpected opportunities, tomorrow).

From the nineteenth to the twenty-first, ruling planet Venus stimulates your sector of friends, mentors, goals, and objectives. Aspects with Saturn and Mars accent payoff for hard work as you juggle your time carefully and equally among the above connections.

On June 26, retrograde Mars turns the spotlight on déjà vu. Think back two and a half years ago. That was the last time Mars was in freedom-oriented Aquarius and your creativity and risk-taking sector. Did you play it close to the edge?

Next month will require a how-to guide on making good choices and steering away from bad ones. (Might I suggest the good déjà vu?)

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