Cancer Monthly RomanticScope: June 2018



June 2018: Communication guru Mercury meets up with your sensitive sign on June 12, making you even more pensive, quiet, and demure. Current or potential partners may go to great lengths to try to get you to open up, but you’ll only share your deepest thoughts when you feel like it (which may or may not be anytime soon).

The dazzling sun moves into your sign on the twenty-first, which deepens your quest for domestic perfection. You don’t want to just project the perfect life, you want to have it. Crabs who aren’t happy in current relationships may begin to question the future, and single Crabs step up their game to find someone they could envision fitting into their storybook ending.

The start of a Mars retrograde cycle on June 26 gives off more mellow energy than Mars direct, so you get a break from romantic aggression and power struggles. Now that you aren’t as focused on winning, you can dissect and examine important parts of the race for love.

A full moon in organized, prudent Capricorn on the twenty-seventh helps you focus on your individual contributions to a current or developing relationship. What goals or tasks can you initiate to improve things? You’re ready to take a more active and constructive role.

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