Hey Happy Camper, Lidl Just Launched a Pop-Up Festival Tent — and It’s Only £20!

If money woes are keeping you from Summer plans of camping trips and music festivals, Lidl just lifted the load a little. The supermarket giant, known for its bargain beauty buys and affordable bubbly, now does tents. And this tent won’t eat away at your festival budget, simply costing just £20. Along with a three-year warranty (yes, three-year for a £20 tent), the tent, which sleeps two, is as easy as pie to quite literally throw together. Simply unpack and lob in your desired location and the tent sets itself up in seconds — now this is a sleeping capsule we can get on board with! And to lighten the load that bit more, the ultra-lightweight design weighs just over 2 kg. Read on to meet all three colourways. Happy camping!

This article originally appeared here via Google News