11 beauty trends that makeup artists want you to stop trying

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube tutorial and wondered why so many different things are needed to achieve a look, you’re not alone. And according to Roe, you shouldn’t even need all of that.

“I have seen way too many YouTube and Instagram videos where the ‘guru’ will mix three different full coverage foundations, add two or three concealers (although the foundation did enough to cover), and then use a few different powders on top — with at least one being a powder foundation for even more coverage,” Roe told INSIDER.

“As makeup artists, we usually don’t have time to apply all that. I do keep several different kinds of foundation in my kit and occasionally, I’ll mix two foundation formulas if I need to get just the right consistency or shade. For the most part, though, I can get by with using one type of foundation on a client — especially if it comes in a palette so I have a large shade range from which to choose.

“So many of our products can be used in multiple ways and we have our tried and true items that are kit staples in our industry. Social media beauty gurus, however, have to constantly try out several products in order to pump out new content, so it’s understandable why they’d want to be able to test as many as possible.The type of full coverage I see in tutorials also looks great for the way they film. They use lots of lighting to give a more blown out effect, which makes the makeup look a lot more smooth and seamless. For makeup artists, we need the skin to still look like skin as much as possible, since our clients are going to be seen in real life. That being said: the heavy look just doesn’t fly.”

This article originally appeared here via Google News