ON HEALTH: The benefits of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The seasons have changed. Yes, spring finally arrived and summer isn’t far behind. Now is a great time for so many of us to improve our eating habits to include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Here, in the immediate area, we have several fully active farms that have farmer-market events, roadside stands and on the farm local stores. Some farms area also participating in the CSA program.

Want to include more farm fresh veggies? Consider signing up for a home delivery from a local CSA! The program is easy and full of healthy foods. You will know who grew the food. The farmer can tell you if the items are organic, if pesticides have been used, when various vegetables are at their peak and so many other details that you cannot get from the local grocery store. For example, Farmer George on The Zahradka Farm (www.thezahradkafarm.com) will gladly explain how he grows organic vegetables. He can tell you when the strawberries are at their juiciest. It is also awesome to get information about when the corn has finally tasseled on the stalk and is at its best. You can stop by the farm stand and buy strawberries or corn-on-the-cob or other vegetables that have been picked in the field that day or week.

Several local farms also participate in the CSA so that all farms get the support of the community to insure their products help keep the community eating healthy. You can go online each Monday and place your order based on the number of items you signed up to receive each week. Some of the farms also coordinate with the farmers who also “can” items such as tomatoes, create sauces and jellies and so much more. Some work places get a group of employees to sign up, working with the farms for a delivery to your workplace. Investigate all the locally available options.

Now is also the time to consider starting that weight loss plan you made as a New Year’s resolution. Let’s all eat healthier. Let’s all find ways to avoid illness and disease by feeding our bodies the nutrients they need in the healthiest possible way.

This article originally appeared here via Google News